Accenture Builds Demand Response Billing System for Yokohama Smart City Project to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Peak Demand

TOKYO; August 1, 2013 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced the completion and deployment of a demand response customer billing system for the Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP), the largest smart city pilot in Japan.  
August 01, 2013

Accenture Convenes Policy and Business Leaders to Debate the Challenge of Scaling Sustainability at Sustainability 24

LONDON; May 13, 2013 – As part of its program to help businesses and policy makers address the challenge of scaling investments in sustainability, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is to host Sustainability 24, a free, interactive global online broadcast on May 15th that brings together some of the world’s leaders and experts in sustainability and resource efficiency.  
May 13, 2013

Major Climate Threat to Global Supply Chains Identified by New Research from the Carbon Disclosure Project and Accenture

NEW YORK; January 22, 2013 -- Seventy percent of companies believe that climate change has the potential to significantly affect their revenue, a risk which is intensified by a chasm between the sustainable business practices of multinational corporations and their suppliers, according to research  published today by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture (NYSE:ACN). 
January 22, 2013

Accenture Collaborates With SAP to Provide Upstream Operational Solutions for Global Oil and Gas Companies

HOUSTON; Nov. 16, 2012 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced that it is working with SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) to help global oil and gas companies improve their operational performance and increase efficiencies with upstream solutions.
November 16, 2012

Italian Companies Show Growing Commitment to Carbon Disclosure and Management But Few Set Long-Term Goals, Finds CDP and Accenture

MILAN; Nov. 14, 2012 – Italian companies have improved their level of carbon disclosure, according to a report published today by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN), which reveals that nearly half of Italy’s largest companies are disclosing their carbon and emissions performance.
November 14, 2012

The UN Global Compact and Accenture Identify Business Opportunities of Sustainable Energy

LONDON; Nov.5, 2012 – The UN Global Compact and Accenture (NYSE:ACN) have today released a series of new reports, Sustainable Energy for All: The Business Opportunity. Outlining business action across 19 industry sectors, the reports highlight how businesses can create value by supporting the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which aims to expand energy access worldwide, improve energy efficiency and increase the share of renewables.
November 08, 2012

Canadian Corporate Climate Change Disclosure Improves, But More Work Needed on Mitigating Emissions, According to CDP and Accenture

TORONTO and MONTREAL; Oct. 16, 2012 – Canada’s largest public companies are improving transparency on climate change issues, but must improve their performance in acting to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report published today by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN). 
October 16, 2012

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture Release Report Featuring European Cities

LONDON, ROME; June 27, 2012 – European cities are leading their international peer group in various areas of climate change management, including setting emissions targets, according to a new report published today by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Accenture (NYSE:ACN).
June 27, 2012

Most Countries Need Major Changes in Systems for Sourcing and Consuming Energy to Support Future Demand Growth, Reports Accenture and World Economic Forum

NEW YORK, June 13, 2012 – The continued increase in energy consumption, which is expected to grow by approximately 40 percent by 20351,will require significant changes in countries’ energy architectures as they try to meet the demands of economic growth, environmental sustainability and energy security, finds a joint report by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and the World Economic Forum.
June 13, 2012

Businesses Say Sustainability Is Vital to Growth, But Can Weaken Margins and Increase Costs, Accenture Study Finds

LONDON; May 23, 2012 –  The vast majority of businesses say that sustainability is vital to their future growth, but almost half say that margins are currently lower on sustainable products and services, according to new research by Accenture (NYSE: ACN).
May 22, 2012