Managing Intangible Assets is a Top Issue for Senior Executives, Accenture Survey Finds

Fear of inadequate protection of personal data has compelled half of consumers to reject or cancel doing business with a company. This is just one of several findings of a survey of U.S. consumers and businesses on privacy, trust and access to personal data released today by Accenture.
January 29, 2004

Asian Investment in China Continues to Grow, Accenture Survey Finds

The percentage of Japanese and Korean companies investing in China will increase from two-thirds now to more than 80 percent in two years, according to an Accenture survey released today.
September 26, 2003

New Book Argues that Implementing Right Idea at the Right Time Can Propel Companies to Long-Term Success

Implementing the right idea at the right time can be the difference between success or failure for even large, established companies, according to a new book by Thomas Davenport, director of the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change, and Laurence Prusak, a management consultant and researcher.
May 28, 2003

Workforce Issues Top List of Executives' Strategic Priorities, Accenture Research Finds

New research from Accenture (NYSE: ACN) shows that, despite the weak economic environment and cost-cutting pressures, workforce-related issues top executives' list of strategic priorities, and these business leaders are also concerned that their workforces lack critical skills, compromising their companies' ability to compete effectively.
April 01, 2003

Despite Sluggish Economy, Consumers are Willing to Spend More, According to Accenture Research

Despite government reports indicating that U.S. and European consumers have trimmed their spending due to the weakened economy, new research from Accenture shows that consumers are willing to spend more on products and services, but only on those that are innovative and offer features meaningful to them.
November 01, 2002

Accenture Survey Shows Executives are Cautiously Optimistic Regarding Future Mergers and Acquisitions

According to an Accenture survey, corporate executives are optimistic about companies’ willingness to participate in mergers and acquisitions this year, despite economic uncertainty and growing shareholder backlash to deals.
May 30, 2002

Getting Information Technology Right is Key to M&A Successes, According to Accenture Study

Close to three quarters of executives in North America and Europe do not realize the important role information technology (IT) plays in the success of a merger or acquisition and in turn may be forgoing financial rewards, an Accenture study reveals.
March 20, 2002

Accenture Survey: Corporate Venturing Remains Strong in Weak Economic Times

Contrary to public opinion, corporate venturing is not dead but refocused on strategic goals and joint venture opportunities according to a survey of executives conducted by Accenture.
December 10, 2001

Accenture and BP Announce Renewal of Finance and Administrative Outsourcing Agreement for Alaskan Operations

Accenture and BP Announce Renewal of Finance and Administrative Outsourcing Agreement for Alaskan Operations
September 13, 2000