Indeliq Announces Availability of First Performance Simulation Titles

Creating Competitive Advantage, Evaluating Market Opportunities and Maximizing Operational Performance titles combine sophisticated e-learning technology and world-class curriculum

CHICAGO, Ill – May 22, 2001 – Indeliq, a leader in performance simulation e-learning solutions to the corporate enterprise market, today announced the availability of the first three titles of its Building Business Acumen performance simulation e-learning suite. The titles, Creating Competitive Advantage, Evaluating Market Opportunities, and Maximizing Operational Performance, combine simulation-learning technology and world-class entrepreneurial curriculum, immersing learners in a robust and real-world interactive environment where they learn by doing. These highly sophisticated performance simulations help businesses by arming their key employees with new tools to identify winning competitive strategies, capture new customer and market segments, and improve operational and financial performance.

Building on Accenture’s patented performance simulation technology, Indeliq’s solutions stand out from other e-learning approaches by placing learners in active, real-world roles, where they are encouraged to explore, take risks and face realistic outcomes. Indeliq’s e-learning titles let individuals set the navigation and pace of their learning and provide feedback tailored to each learner’s path and learning style, promoting decision-making and the integration of multiple concepts. Landmark research by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences has demonstrated that e-learning solutions that incorporate the learn-by-doing approach integral to Indeliq’s performance simulations can improve cognition and retention by up to 15 times.

“Accenture’s experience as well as independent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of our learn-by-doing approach. Individuals are given free rein to test new techniques and strategies, make mistakes, and apply what they have learned to solve real business problems – without the real-world consequences of learning on the job,” said Indeliq Chief Executive Officer Daniel Hamburger. “That’s why we are so eager to deliver this new breed of e-learning to a wide audience of corporate users, while enabling companies to tailor the learning experience to reflect their corporate culture, business processes and unique challenges.”

Specialized Content, Proven Teaching Approach

Indeliq has formed an alliance with internationally recognized Babson College, which is providing the curriculum for the Building Business Acumen titles, comprising more than 60 hours of total instruction time (6 to 8 hours per title). Through the alliance, Babson faculty provides specialized executive education content and expertise on teaching approaches and learning objectives, drawn from their years of teaching similar courses in traditional classroom settings.

Each Indeliq performance simulation title places learners in a simulated work environment with a specific business challenge, and provides the resources, reference materials and interactive case studies to support them as they navigate the course. Indeliq’s unique, rules-based coaching technology records an individual’s decisions and dynamically provides appropriate feedback, and requires learners to demonstrate real understanding of topics before proceeding. In addition, high-end multimedia tools, including text, graphics, videos, and interactive practice problems, enhance the real-world quality of the courses.

The first titles are:

  • Creating Competitive Advantage, which improves learners’ ability to evaluate and recommend strategies for building and sustaining competitive advantage, and covers topics such as strategy, value chain, competitive analysis, financial statement analysis, and ratio analysis;
  • Evaluating Market Opportunities, which improves learners’ ability to select the market opportunities that capitalize on unmet customer needs, and covers topics such as market analysis, industry attractiveness model, market segmentation, competitive analysis, strategy, and customer value proposition; and
  • Maximizing Operational Performance, which provides learners with the skills and experience to make decisions that improve the operational and financial performance of their company, and covers topics such as root cause analysis, cost/benefit analysis, strategic performance indicators, financial statement basics, ratio analysis, and business process analysis.

In addition to the web-based performance simulation titles, Indeliq also offers enterprise clients a range of professional services to support e-learning. Indeliq services include ongoing customer support, learning management services, and tailoring services, which customize Indeliq performance simulation titles to reflect the culture, challenges, and business processes of an enterprise.

Additional Titles Available in Fall

Beginning in fall, Indeliq will offer four additional Building Business Acumen titles, including Building a Business Case, Managing in a Dynamic Environment, Capturing Global Markets and Enhancing Enterprise Value. Indeliq also will offer additional performance simulation e-learning solutions that focus on content areas such as: Sales Effectiveness, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. For more information, visit, or call 312.442.6600.

About Indeliq
Indeliq provides highly sophisticated, performance simulation-based e-learning solutions to the corporate enterprise market. Analogous to a flight simulator used to train pilots, Indeliq’s performance simulation technology immerses the business learner in an online work environment that encourages them to explore, take risks and face real-world outcomes while they learn skills such as strategic selling and financial acumen. Indeliq’s technical architecture is based on a “learn by doing” approach that results in higher levels of cognition and retention than traditional classroom and computer-based training approaches. Indeliq has now refined the tools and architecture to bring performance simulation to a much wider market with its packaged e-learning solutions.

Indeliq was launched as an independent company in March 2001 by Accenture, the world’s leading provider of management and technology consulting services and solutions. Indeliq’s offerings are built on Accenture’s patented performance simulation technology. Accenture continues to offer highly customized performance simulation applications complementing Indeliq’s licensing and packaged applications strategy. For more information about Chicago-based Indeliq, see or call 312.442.6600.