Accenture and Everypath Announce Alliance to Mobilize Enterprise Customers

Accenture Technology VenturesTakes Equity Stake In Technology That Can Convert Enterprise Application and Web-site Content More Rapidly and Cost-Effectively Than Current Alternatives -- So It Can Be Accessed By Wireless Devices

NEW YORK & SANTA CLARA, Calif.-- Sept. 12, 2000 -- Tackling the complicated and resource-intensive technical challenges of the wireless Web, Accenture and Everypath(TM), a leading wireless enabler and ASP, today announced that they will work together to provide businesses with a speedy and cost-effective capability to translate Internet content so that it can be accessed and viewed on wireless devices. Additionally, Accenture Technology Ventures, the venture capital unit of Accenture, will take an equity stake in Everypath to help take the company’s technology global.

Everypath’s patent-pending, content-delivery platform can "universally translate" single-source existing database and Internet content to a wide range of devices and Internet appliances. For voice, these include cellular telephones and voice-activated devices; for data, these include wireless Internet phones, PDAs, and pagers; and for broadband, these include interactive television sets and set-top boxes. Everypath’s technology will easily adapt to emerging standards so that applications developed today will be accessible tomorrow, regardless of which device customers choose for access.

"As more companies integrate wireless technology into their e-commerce strategy and infrastructure, they are searching for a solution that can easily and rapidly translate their Web site and enterprise applications content into a format that can be accessed by mobile devices," said Robert Kloustin, the Accenture partner managing the relationship with Everypath. "Working with Everypath, we will be better able to help our clients deliver seamless, wireless, Web-based services."

As part of the alliance, Accenture will work with Everypath to market its products to Global 2000 corporations, dot-com and dot-corp companies. Accenture will also integrate the Everypath technology into a suite of mobile commerce solutions offered to its clients worldwide.

"Allying our development and marketing forces with Accenture extends our reach deep into the heart of important, global, corporations," said Ventesh Shukla, CEO of Everypath. "This relationship also puts us in a highly competitive and strategic position to scale our business rapidly and service the world’s most sophisticated enterprise customers."

Industry experts project that the number of business subscribers for mobile high-speed data services is expected to reach 6.8 million in the United States alone by 2005. Everypath offers the only solution currently available that enables companies to translate their existing corporate data from Web sites, legacy systems, enterprise applications and databases simultaneously into wireless, voice and broadband services.

"Demand for wireless content access is exploding and companies across the globe are beginning to experiment with and implement wireless capabilities aimed at both customers and their own workforces," said Thomas S. Fischer, the partner responsible for wireless investments at Accenture Technology Ventures. "Everypath’s technology is groundbreaking in terms of its functionality and universal application. At the same time, it is faster and more cost-effective than today’s alternatives. With support from a strong management team and alliances such as the one announced today with Accenture, we believe that Everypath is poised to achieve its ambitious business goals."

About Everypath

Everypath enables businesses to deliver complex, transactional, web content, database information, and traditional applications anywhere, anytime, to anyone, in real time. By making all types of communications possible in a wireless environment, Everypath connects businesses with their customers, partners, and employees any way they want. The companys patent-pending, unique, Intelligent Rendering(TM) platform customizes interaction through the complete array of wireless, broadband and voice devices - from PDAs to smart phones, from interactive TV to traditional telephones, as well as all the latest communication hardware - safely and securely.

Honored as a Smithsonian Laureate, the company has been named one of Forbes "Best of the Web" Top 25 Business-to-Business companies. Everypath employs over 180 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, with offices in Hyderabad, India; Munich, Germany; and London. Privately held, Everypath has more than 50 customers and strategic relationships, including Accenture, E*TRADE, Engage, Ericsson, Fidelity of Canada, GeoTouch, Hewlett-Packard, iPlanet, Liberate, Paytrust, PlanetRx,, Sun Microsystems,, and Visto. For more information, contact Donna Candelori of Candelori Communications, Inc. at 408/774-3414 or by e-mail at Or visit