Accenture and Civil Service College of Singapore Launch the Region’s First National Learning Exchange

Alliance to Develop Best-of-Breed eLearning Techniques and Provide Online Marketplace for the Learning and Training Community

Singapore, August 6, 2001 – Accenture and the Civil Service College of Singapore today signed an alliance agreement and announced the launch of Singapore’s national Learning Exchange, the first of its kind offered by the public service in the region. The Singapore Learning Exchange is a revolutionary concept and market offering jointly developed by Accenture and the Civil Service College of Singapore to provide an integrated solution to support an extended eLearning value chain in the country.

Signing the agreement between the Civil Service College of Singapore and Accenture were Mr. Eddie Teo, Permanent Secretary (Prime Minister’s Office), Singapore, and Mr. Kevin J. Dixon, Accenture Managing Partner, Government, Asia Pacific. Through this agreement, Accenture and the Civil Service College will jointly operate the Learning Exchange to accommodate the nation’s learning and training needs. The Learning Exchange provides a growing pool of necessary capabilities to lead Singapore’s citizens in their stride for life-long learning. Utilising internet-based technology, the Learning Exchange also aims to achieve the vision of a networked government to better serve the country’s citizens.

The services and offerings of the Learning Exchange are facilitated through and Advanced Government Integrated Learning Environment (AGILE) ¹ . is the premier electronic learning environment developed and implemented by Accenture and the Civil Service College of Singapore. The portal utilises best-of-breed eLearning technologies and alliances to provide a one-stop marketplace to bring learning to the people. Training facilities, eLearning management tools and learning content are provided through a powerful mix of eLearning and class-room based training partners.

“It is important not just to acknowledge the need for public servants to acquire and develop new skills and capabilities. We must provide them with the means to do so. With the technology now available, we can open up new possibilities and exciting ways for people to learn,” said Mr. Eddie Teo. “We can use the technology to innovate and create, and thereby improve the Public Service. This Learning Exchange is the first of its kind in the region. The collaboration between the Civil Service College and Accenture shows how the private and public sectors can work together to enhance service to the public.”

Dixon noted that one of the keys to a country’s economic success lies in the innovative capacity of its people. “Accenture strives to help clients create their future through innovative work. We are pleased to team with the government of Singapore in this innovative effort to support the Singaporean leaders’ vision of providing life-long learning opportunities for the country’s public service and citizens,” said Dixon. “Governments worldwide, historically have struggled to fund life-long learning and corporate training. Through this alliance, Singapore has overcome these hurdles, and has the opportunity to achieve operational excellence through provision of learning and development opportunities on-demand, anytime, anywhere, for every individual. We believe the Singapore Learning Exchange positions the nation’s civil service as a world leader, setting the standard for governments with respect to maximising the Human Performance of their civil service.”

Dixon also noted that the other core ingredient of the Learning Exchange is the support and commitment from industry-leading partners, particularly Microsoft. The Learning Exchange is designed based on the Microsoft suite of solutions to provide scalability and maximise efficiency.

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1. AGILE (Advanced Government Integrated Learning Environment) is the comprehensive training solution for the public sector. Training Administration, Internet Search Portal and e-Learning access are the three main components of AGILE.