June 28, 2013

Consumers’ Trust in Utilities Lowest in Four Years, New Accenture Research Shows

NEW YORK; June 28, 2013 – Less than one quarter of consumers trust their utilities, according to an annual survey by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) of more than 11,000 consumers in 21 countries.

Accenture’s New Energy Consumer research shows that just 24 percent of consumers trust their utility to inform them of actions they can take to optimize energy consumption – a decrease of nine percentage points from 2012. This is the lowest level of trust since the multi-year global research program was launched four years ago. Furthermore, customer satisfaction has drifted lower globally, falling from 59 percent to 47 percent over the past year.

Across both regulated and competitive energy markets, consumers are ready to turn to alternative providers for energy and energy-related products and services. If given the choice, 73 percent of the consumers surveyed said they would consider alternative providers for purchasing electricity and alternative energy-related products and services.

“In the evolving energy marketplace, many utilities are at an inflection point at which they should redefine their role in consumers’ lives and refocus on building a base of trust,” said Greg Guthridge, Accenture Energy Consumer Services managing director. “The first step is making interactions simple, in particular getting the basics right the first time. Each touch point with the consumer is critical – whether it involves mobile or digital options for straightforward transactions, or higher-touch interactions to resolve issues.”

Despite the fact that many utilities have increased spending on consumer-centric programs, such as online self-service, this has yet to translate directly into improved trust or satisfaction. Storms, challenges with service reliability, and price volatility have all contributed to decreasing customer trust and satisfaction. However, Accenture’s research shows that there is a growing gap between customer expectations and the energy experience they receive from their providers today.

The research shows that delivering the basics of the customer experience is key to building consumer trust. The vast majority of consumers surveyed said that consistently getting the bill correct (92 percent), receiving reliable energy delivery (91 percent) and getting clear and easy-to-understand pricing information (91 percent) are the factors that matter most in building their trust with energy providers.

However, the survey results also show that there are significant gaps between consumers’ expectations and their utilities’ performance. For example, while 91 percent of consumers said that clear and easy-to-understand pricing information is important, only 69 percent would rate their providers’ performance in that area as good or excellent – a gap of 22 percent.

“Utilities need to consider radically rethinking their customer satisfaction investments with a targeted approach to simplifying the consumer energy experience, addressing the concerns of dissatisfied consumers and closing the expectation gap,” Guthridge said.

Responses from survey participants indicate that utilities have several opportunities to better engage with their customers, including:

“It’s becoming clear that utilities are at a turning point when it comes to serving the new, tech-savvy consumer,” Guthridge said. “Satisfaction and trust are built on consistently delivering the basic customer experience whether through digital or traditional channels. Once in place, utilities have incredible opportunities to create digitally powered value propositions that can deliver step-change consumer engagement.”

Accenture’s annual global survey was based on questionnaire-led interviews with 11,154 residential consumers in 21 countries, conducted online in native languages for Accenture by Harris Interactive. It is a quantitative survey with a sample statistically representative of the general population in each country, with the exception of Brazil, China and South Africa, where the sample was representative of the urban populations.

The New Energy Consumer Handbook (https://www.accenture.com/us-en/Pages/insight-new-energy-consumer-handbook.aspx) draws upon four consecutive years of end-consumer research, analysis of consumer and technology trends, insights from leading energy providers, cross-industry experience and Accenture’s knowledge of managing utility customer operations. The handbook is designed to offer energy providers fresh ideas and actionable insights to help frame the journey ahead and inspire dynamic new approaches that can lead to success in the evolving energy marketplace.

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