June 25, 2012

Spain’s Guardia Civil Selects Accenture to Enhance Information Sharing Across Police Systems

Integration of additional information sources to support police investigations into organized crime, missing persons and drug trafficking

MADRID; June 25, 2012 – Guardia Civil, the largest police force in Spain has selected Accenture (NYSE:ACN) to oversee the integration of 12 additional information sources, into the operations management system and police investigations system used by the force. The additional information sources comprise of investigative and administrative databases which support police operations and criminal investigations.

Integrating the additional information and intelligence sources will enhance the capabilities of both the operations management system (SIGO) and the police investigation system used by Guardia Civil. Accenture will provide technology services and manage the transfer and integration of data through a robust and secure IT architecture.

According to Accenture, the integration of new information sources into existing policing systems will enable Guardia Civilto better manage, link and analyze case information and intelligence in real time, for greater reliability and consistency across law enforcement, investigations, border management, emergency response and day-to-day case administration. The additional information sources will support important police investigations relating to organized crime, missing persons and drug trafficking in Spain. Accenture will train members of the Guardia Civil to access the new information sources to support their policing and investigative activities.

“The integration of new information sources into our policing operations and investigative systems will ensure that high-quality data and consistent information is delivered to our police force in real-time to support policing activities across Spain,” said D. Cándido Cardiel, Director Adjunto Operativo at Guardia Civil. “The integration of additional information sources will reduce time-consuming back-office tasks and free up valuable resources to focus on frontline policing services and criminal prosecutions.”

Manuel Sanchez, who leads Accenture’s global policing business, said, “Policing and public Safety organizations across the world face unprecedented challenges as they tackle crime while seeking to reduce operating costs and better manage information and human resources. Enhanced data integration and information sharing, supported by carefully structured business processes and technology, will not only deliver financial savings but also enhance frontline policing efforts to combat crime in Spain.

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