Accenture Statement Regarding U.K. High Court Decision in Navitaire Copyright Infringement

Lawsuit Against easyJet and Bulletproof

July 30, 2004 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today issued the following statement regarding the U.K. High Court decision in Navitaire’s copyright infringement lawsuit against easyJet and Bulletproof Inc.

Navitaire, an Accenture business, initiated this lawsuit to protect its intellectual property rights.

We are pleased with the judge’s finding that easyJet and Bulletproof copied significant business aspects of Navitaire’s Open Skies computer system and in certain respects infringed its copyright. However, we are disappointed with the ruling that certain aspects of Navitaire’s software should not be protected under U.K. copyright law.

We look forward to subsequent hearings on this matter, which are expected to begin later this year. Accenture and Navitaire will continue to defend vigorously their intellectual property rights around the world.


Roxanne Taylor

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