New Accenture Accelerator Eases Integration, Speeds Rollout of Applications on BEA WebLogic Platform

Pre-built Software Components Cut costs and Help Enterprises Integrate New Java Applications

NEW YORK; June 4, 2003 Accenture today introduced a new software platform designed to help companies build and integrate e-business applications on BEA WebLogic Platform™ more quickly and cost-effectively than previously possible.

Developed with BEA Systems, the Accenture Platform Accelerator is designed to help large enterprises build business applications such as online customer support sites and order management systems faster. It also helps users integrate applications seamlessly, and minimizes the resources needed to run business processes and build applications on BEA WebLogic Platform.

“The Accenture Platform Accelerator was designed to help IT organizations simplify integration and free themselves from the details of underlying platforms,” said Kevin Pollari, Accenture partner. “Comprised of a suite of time-tested methods, BEA tools and architectures, Accenture’s platform allows developers to focus on designing business applications that give their companies competitive advantage.”

The Accenture Platform Accelerator includes pre-tested sets of codes, scripts that can be easily integrated with other development and operational tools, and proven process guidelines to help companies develop applications quickly and cost-effectively.

The unified foundation for the Accenture Platform Accelerator, BEA WebLogic Platform, provides the framework and components to integrate and assemble applications, business processes and partner trading communities, significantly simplifying application development and integration on the J2EE platform.

“Integration remains a top priority for our customers. To address this need, BEA offers the only unified software integration platform that allows businesses to build, extend, integrate, deploy and manage applications and business processes,” said Chet Kapoor, vice president and general manager, BEA WebLogic Integration, BEA Systems. “Working with top systems integrators like Accenture can help our customers quickly and cost effectively implement our market leading application infrastructure, which results in faster time-to-value for IT projects, reduced IT costs, greater IT skills synergies and better IT alignment with business objectives.”

Some of the expected benefits of the new Accenture Platform Accelerator for WebLogic include:

The Accenture Platform Accelerator is a key piece of the new Accenture Delivery Suite, an improved and updated set of methods, tools and architectures that helps Accenture deliver consistent, reliable and cost-effective projects around the globe.

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