Consortium of Thales, Accenture and Vialis Selected to Create Unified Transport Ticketing and Payment System for the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM; Oct. 23, 2003 – Trans Link Systems has chosen The East-West Consortium -- led by Thales, Accenture and Vialis -- to design, develop and implement a unified electronic ticketing and payment system for public transit in The Netherlands.

The new system, which will cover train, metro, bus, ferry and tram journeys, will be the first e-ticketing and payment system in the world to be implemented on a national scale. It is anticipated the system will be rolled out beginning September 2004 in Rotterdam. The contract for the East-West Consortium is currently valued at € 120 million, with additional contracts for products and services to follow over the next five years.

Passengers will use a smart-card that combines the functions of an electronic ticket and "purse." This card can be loaded with value by using machines in the stations or by authorizing the Public Transport Company to automatically debit the card holder’s bank account. As a passenger boards a train, bus or tram, he or she places the card in front of an electronic reader, which scans the card to calculate the fare and deduct it from the card balance. The system will ensure that all fares are credited to the appropriate public transport company. When the system is fully operational, it will accommodate more than 2 million passengers per day.

According to Jeroen Kok, chairman of Trans Link Systems, the goals of the project are to enhance passenger convenience, increase social safety in public transport, reduce fare evasion and improve public transport companies’ management of information. “The seamless integration of all transport ticketing and payment systems across Holland will enable passengers to travel from one end of the country to the other using a single ticket,” said Mr. Kok.

Each Consortium member will provide complementary capabilities. Thales, through its Transport and Services division, will provide its smartcard knowledge and experience in the conception and implementation of large-scale, integrated fare collection systems; Vialis will install and maintain the system’s physical infrastructure, such as smartcard readers and ticketing and fare machines. Accenture will integrate the system’s technology infrastructure and will operate the system’s backoffice, which includes clearing and settlement of revenues for the participating transport companies.

Additionally, as subcontractors to Thales, Hong Kong’s MTRC Corporation & Octopus Cards Limited will provide the central back office as well as expertise in operations.

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