Accenture Spearheads Effort to Create Digital Techcorps; Program Clears Way for Technology Companies to Loan Talent to Federal Government

Accenture Pledges to Seed Program with Five of Its Own; Challenges Technology Industry to Participate at a Time When Government Faces Potential Human Capital Crisis in the Technology Area

Washington, July 31, 2001 – To confront the federal government’s looming “human capital crisis,” Accenture today joined forces with U.S. Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) to propose a Digital TechCorps program that would create a core team of public and private sector employees to help the Federal Government develop Internet-based citizen services.

As unveiled, the team would work with the nation’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council and Deputy Director of Management in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The Digital TechCorps Program, as envisioned by Rep. Davis and Accenture, would pave the way for the technology industry to loan information technology managers to OMB for an extended period of time.

Legislation is being proposed by Rep. Davis, which would establish the Digital TechCorps Program. Comprised initially of at least 25 to 30 mid-level IT managers from industry and government, the Digital TechCorps would be dedicated to helping OMB and the CIO Council develop cross-agency, Internet-based citizen services – including easy access to government information and online transactions, such as paying taxes and claiming benefits. Accenture is prepared to loan executives to kick-start the program as soon as legislation is passed.

The legislation will provide statutory authority for industry leaders to continue to pay their employees while on loan to the government. It also sets the ethical standards for those participating in the program.

Accenture has pledged to loan five managers to the Digital TechCorps program for each of the first two years the program operates, and the company will challenge other high tech companies to follow suit. It is Accenture’s hope that this program will serve as a model for government and private sector collaboration in transferring knowledge and best practices to each other while providing a constant renewable pool of talent to tackle some of the most pressing information technology challenges.

“Accenture is committed to serving the federal government, and we’re willing to put some of our best people on the line to help ease the immediate human capital crisis and to jump start model eGovernment initiatives,” said Steve Rohleder, Accenture managing partner USA Government practice, who unveiled the Digital TechCorps program alongside Rep. Davis at a press conference today. “Our people have the skills and experience the government needs to enhance the United States’ position as an eGovernment leader. We feel the Digital TechCorps program also will serve as a first step toward restoring a culture of public service for a whole new generation of technology workers.”

“With more than half of our skilled professionals set to be eligible for retirement in 2004, the federal government must find qualified information technology managers to develop user-friendly systems for our increasingly tech-savvy constituency. The situation is even more severe in the high tech field, where shortages of high tech workers throughout government already exist,” Rep. Davis said. “I’m very pleased that Accenture is taking the lead in addressing this major problem facing the federal government, with so many baby boomer employees nearing retirement. This promises to be a win for Accenture’s employees who are loaned to the government, and a win for the federal employees who will have the opportunity to work alongside talented IT professionals from companies like Accenture.”

Under the proposal, both industry and government information technology managers would be loaned out for one year, with an option to renew individual public service commitments for up to two years. The private sector executives would work in a collaborative team with GS 14 and 15 information technology leaders loaned to the Digital TechCorps from various government agencies.

Specifically, the elite Digital TechCorps would play an instrumental role in the early stages of developing many of the initiatives below:

Accenture’s Global Government practice helps governments worldwide transform themselves to leverage the Internet and leading edge technology to deliver better and more services to citizens, businesses and their own employees, while also reaping the efficiencies that these solutions offer. Others turning to Accenture to help them realize their eFutures, whether they are taking a holistic portal approach or working on a piece of their vision, include: Delaware, Florida, New York City, North Carolina, Wyoming, Ireland’s Revenue Commission, Singapore, the Australian Taxation Office, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Defense Logistics Agency.

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