Accenture Expands Financial Commitment to Indeliq

New York, December 4, 2001 – Accenture today announced that it has increased its total investment commitment to Indeliq, a leader in performance simulation e-learning solutions market, to more than $20 million. This increased investment level is designed to enable Indeliq to advance its market leadership position through continued innovative product development and additional strategic partnerships. Accenture launched Indeliq in March of this year.

“Our customers have quickly embraced this technology due to its powerful impact on their bottom-line. This financing will help us to accelerate development of both sides of our business: simulation-based courses and simulation-building software tools, ” said Indeliq chairman and CEO, Daniel Hamburger.

Indeliq, launched in March of 2001, has already released 15 performance simulation courses, representing a library of nearly 100 hours. Courses span the key areas of business skills for corporate training, including:

“Our increased investment in Indeliq represents Accenture’s continued confidence in the company’s patented simulation technology and scaleable business model. The high cost of travel continues to drive organizations toward substitutes for classroom-based training,” said Len Sherman, general partner, Accenture Technology Ventures. “Customers also are finding that performance simulation, Indeliq’s patented ‘learn by doing approach,‘ is yielding a more effective learning experience for employees.”

“The combination of effectiveness and potential cost savings is compelling. We continue to see accelerating growth in demand for e-learning in the corporate market,” Sherman added, “and we are very encouraged by the company’s progress and prospects.”

Built on Accenture’s performance simulation technology, Indeliq’s solutions stand out from other e-learning approaches by placing learners in active, real-world roles, where they are encouraged to explore, take risks and face realistic outcomes. Indeliq’s e-learning courses let individuals set the navigation and pace of their learning and provide feedback tailored to each learner’s path and learning style, all designed to promote better business judgment and decision-making. Research by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences has demonstrated that solutions that incorporate the learn by doing approach can improve cognition and retention by up to 15 times.

About Accenture
Accenture is the world’s leading management and technology consulting organization. Through its network of businesses approach — in which the company enhances its consulting and outsourcing expertise through alliances, ventures and other capabilities — Accenture delivers innovations that help clients across all industries quickly realize their visions. With more than 75,000 people in 47 countries, the company generated net revenues of $11.44 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2001. Its home page is

About Indeliq
Indeliq provides simulation-based eLearning solutions to the corporate enterprise market. Analogous to a flight simulator used to train pilots, Indeliq’s performance simulation technology immerses the business learner in an online work environment that encourages them to explore, take risks and face real-world outcomes while they learn skills such as sales effectiveness and financial acumen. Indeliq’s technical architecture is based on a “learn by doing” approach that results in higher levels of cognition and retention than traditional classroom and computer-based training approaches. For example, a major telecommunications customer that deployed simulation technology doubled their rate of sales productivity versus another team receiving the same training in classroom format.

Indeliq was launched in March 2001 as an affiliate company of Accenture, the world’s leading provider of management and technology consulting services and solutions. Indeliq’s offerings build on the heritage of the patented performance simulation technology Accenture has used to develop successful, customized programs for several of the world’s largest companies. For specific examples, see www.Accenture Human Performance Indeliq now brings performance simulation technology to a much wider market with its packaged eLearning solutions. For more information about Chicago-based Indeliq, see or call 866-Indeliq (+1 (866) 463 3547).


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