U.S. Postal Service Looks to Accenture to Construct Digital Foundation for Postal Operations

Task Order Award Comes on Heels of Board of Governors’ Vote Endorsing Postmaster General’s Vision

Washington, D.C., December 8, 2000 – The U.S. Postal Service has selected Accenture to help execute the Postmaster General’s vision for creating the next generation of efficient mail delivery. The task order was signed after the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors provided its stamp of approval at their August meeting.

This project being undertaken with Accenture, the Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS), will provide the framework for operational excellence. This system will be deployed to more than 5,000 delivery facilities nationwide.

"We are excited to continue our partnership with the U.S. Postal Service on DOIS, one of four cornerstone initiatives upon which Accenture is working, to help construct the U.S. Postal Services’ Information Platform," said Sylvain Bacon, Accenture partner responsible for this U.S. Postal Service contract. "Once fully implemented, the overall Information Platform program is expected to achieve $1 billion in benefits per year for the U.S. Postal Service."

DOIS, which the U.S. Postal Service and Accenture have designed, developed and tested will: provide the Delivery Unit Supervisor with up to date actionable data from which solid business decisions can be made. Operating costs will be reduced and Postal customers can expect more consistent times of delivery.

As DOIS is deployed, more than 10,000 employees will be trained on its use by the U.S. Postal Service with Accenture’s assistance to ensure a smooth transition and to ensure that the U.S. Postal Service is able to leverage the benefits inherently offered by the new system.

Accenture is also partnering with the U.S. Postal Service on three additional Information Platform programs. First, Accenture has teamed with the U.S. Postal Service to modernize its mail assignment process with Surface Air Management System (SAMS). SAMS will be used to facilitate delivery of more than 2 billion pounds of air mail packages annually, and schedule air delivery assignments at 170 air mail centers and 500 mail processing facilities throughout the United States.

Second, Accenture is working with the U.S. Postal Service to pilot the Processing Operations Information System (POIS). POIS supports the U.S. Postal Service’s processing and distribution facilities by providing actionable information on the status of mail operations to plant employees and supervisors."

Third, Accenture has teamed with the U.S. Postal Service to develop CONFIRM. CONFIRM enables mailers to track letter mail by applying bar codes to their envelopes. The codes are scanned automatically at each mechanized processing step. Web-based access to the information gives customers a "window" on their mail as it moves through the U.S. Postal Service’s network.

"As the U.S. Postal Service faces one of the most dynamic periods in its long history, these solutions will enhance its operations and services to its customers and secure its position in the world’s mail delivery network," said Thomas Healy, Accenture managing partner responsible for the firm’s U.S. Postal Service account.

The U.S. Postal Service handles more than 200 billion pieces of mail annually, accounting for 43 percent of the world’s mail. It provides these services through nearly 38,000 post offices and retail units across the country.


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