Pegasystems and Accenture Intend to Deliver Rules-Based Workflow Solutions to Financial Services Organization

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., December 4, 2000 — Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA) and Accenture today announced that they have signed a letter of intent to form an alliance to deliver leading-edge service-fulfillment solutions to financial services organizations in North America.

When finalized, the alliance is intended to leverage Accenture’s solutions development and integration capabilities as well as Pegasystems’ e-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to make it easier, faster and more efficient for financial services companies to fulfill customer orders and requests. Solutions offered under the alliance will help companies increase customer satisfaction and retention, reduce the financial risk associated with customer service, and help lower operating costs.

Pegasystems is a leading provider of rules based workflow solutions that enable financial services firms to integrate call center, Internet, intranet and other channels for customer fulfillment needs.

Over the next six months, Pegasystems and Accenture intend to pursue a select number of joint clients. On the basis of their work together, the organizations will evaluate the mutual benefit of an alliance and plan to negotiate a definitive alliance agreement.

When finalized, the alliance is expected to:

“Workflow and fulfilment processing are critical components of our customer service offering,” said Arthur Sinensky, partner in Accenture’s financial services practice who leads its CRM area. “We believe that Pegasystems will complement our CRM capabilities by adding an extra dimension - intelligent, sophisticated process automation. By teaming with Pegasystems, we will be able to offer financial services firms business solutions that leverage a sophisticated fulfillment engine to improve efficiency and customer service.”

“Accenture has a history of providing its clients with the best CRM solutions available and we are pleased to be working with them,” said Rick Jones, President, Pegasystems. “As we redouble our focus on the software licence aspect of our business, our relationship with Accenture will represent a major strategic delivery channel for us.”

Accenture expects to leverage Pegasystems’ rules-based, process-automation engine to enhance the firm’s CRM capabilities by adding solutions that improve connectivity, consistency, and intelligence between back-office applications. These solutions make it easier and more efficient for financial services organizations to fulfill customer service requests. Pegasystems’ engine also supports back-office capabilities such as transaction repair, research and adjustment functions, and investigations. As part of the alliance, it is intended that Accenture will take Pegasystems’ solutions to select members of its blue-chip client base in banking, insurance, and securities.

About Pegasystems

Pegasystems is a leading provider of rules-based workflow solutions that evolve traditional thinking about Customer Relationship Management to the electronic/extended/enterprise world of the Internet. Driven by the Company’s patented rules engine and Internet architecture, Pegasystems’ eCRM solutions have been chosen by many of the world’s forward-thinking organizations to maximize customer satisfaction and retention, increase revenues, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Pegasystems’ rules-based solutions institutionalize a company’s best practices, personalize customer interactions and automate work. The rules architecture enables organizations to evolve the system to respond to changing market dynamics and capture new business opportunities. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pegasystems has regional offices in North America, Europe and Australia. Access Pegasystems on the Web at

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