Accenture Completes Major Project for Barclays Stockbrokers to Create Interactive mCommerce Application

London Nov. 28, 2000 -- The launch of Barclays Stockbrokers’ new Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) stockbroking service marks the culmination of a project undertaken by Accenture to create a new type of M-Commerce application.

The new service will enable Barclays Stockbrokers’ customers to access real-time share prices and execute ’live’ trades on UK markets.

Accenture has facilitated the development of the new service from its design through to delivering the technological solution. The development work has been carried out with the help of a pilot group of customers using Accenture’s state-of-the-art, design- evaluation technology.

The new service offers the ability to manage a portfolio of shares and deal in real-time, on-line, anywhere in the UK via a WAP-enabled mobile phone.

The service also features online access to Barclays Stockbrokers’ Price Improver on the move, a service that instantaneously identifies the most competitive price available for a trade.

Accenture partner Nigel Smith said: "Many commentators have been writing off the viability of WAP technology to deliver real M-Commerce. This application is the first of a new type of M-Commerce service - one which provides consumers with a truly mobile service and moves beyond ’information- only’ services to facilitate real-time transactions."

The stockbroking service, launched in association with Vodafone UK, has been built on the principle of multi- channel integration-customers can use the Barclays call- centre, Internet site or a mobile phone to use the share- dealing service.

Accenture’s work with Barclays Stockbrokers demonstrates the firm’s aspiration to change the way people live and work while providing solutions that create significant financial value for its clients.


David S. Martin

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