Accenture and Radnet Join Forces to Develop B2B Portal Solutions that Help Companies Collaborate Across the Internet

WAKEFIELD, Mass.--June 5, 2000--Accenture, a leading global management and technology consulting firm, and Radnet®, Inc., a leader in providing B2B portals, today announced that they have teamed to jointly develop and market solutions that securely link individuals from multiple organizations,allowing them to leverage the Internet to improve their business-to-business relationships.

The growth of nonfinancial goods and services sold through business-to-business e-commerce is projected to exceed $7 trillion by 2004, according to a new study by Dataquest/GartnerGroup. With this growth, companies across industries and geographies have benefited from a powerful tool that facilitates communication and data exchange among organizations. In the process, the relationships companies maintain with suppliers, distributors, competitors and customers have become more complex - and more fluid. Most of the solutions vendors in this industry have focused on catalog- based procurement and quick transactions, but a significant portion of this market will come from more complex B2B deals. Companies must find better ways to manage a host of cross-organizational interactions more effectively - from pre-sales support and RFP responses, to cross-organizational team management, to virtual demand and supply matching across a supply chain.

The relationship between Accenture and Radnet is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive collaboration platform that allows them to manage these complex relationships and interactions. The first set of solutions will target the Communications and High Technology industries.

As part of the agreement, Accenture will work with Radnet to target specific business offerings that address the needs of Communications and High Technology companies. The firm will work with Radnet to develop software extensions to Radnet’s PortalworkX™ framework of application services, business objects and user interface models to address these customers’ needs. Accenture will also train professionals in the development and deployment of PortalworkX™ solutions in their global Communications and High Technology and Customer Relationship Management practices.

"The growth of the B2B e-commerce market has generated tremendous opportunities for companies to streamline their systems and processes and interface with their customers on a new level," said Woodruff Driggs, partner, Accenture. "Working with Radnet, we will extend these benefits and provide our Communications and High Technology clients the ability to build upon their existing solutions and more effectively collaborate with their partners, suppliers and customers."

"This agreement is clear validation that Radnet has the right solutions for companies to create collaborative, B2B portals that accelerate the relationships that get complex deals done," said David Scult, Radnet president and CEO. "We’ve taken the familiar consumer Web portal model and applied to it a rich security model that extends the customer relationship management (CRM) model to a new level."

Radnet’s PortalworkX™: Accelerates the relationships that get complex deals done. Radnet’s PortalworkX™ is an innovative software framework for creating Web sites that link product providers, their selling partners and customers in ways that enable them to work more effectively together, strengthen key relationships, and increase sales.

PortalworkX™ is a complementor to many of the major B2B web technologies in the market:

Key features of PortalworkX™ include its "best-in-class" many to many permissioning and collaborative capabilities, and extensive functionality to drive both ad hoc and standard B2B process management, including a fully functionally workflow environment.

About Radnet

Radnet’s innovation, technical excellence and Web system development experience over the past five years has culminated in the creation of its revolutionary PortalworkX™ portal software. Radnet seeks to increase revenue and optimize business relationships through creating streamlined, Web-based B2B Portals for business partners in a variety of industries. For more information on Radnet, PortalworkX™ and Radnet’s B2B Portal Solutions, please visit Radnet’s Web site at

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