Accenture and Microsoft Offer Technology Solutions for Smarter Retailing Initiative

Accenture and Microsoft today announced the availability of several new solutions and radio frequency identification- (RFID) based technologies designed to help retailers improve the way they operate their stores and sell to consumers.
January 12, 2004

A Shift in Agenda: More Companies Outsource for Strategic Value Than to Cut Costs, According to Accenture Survey

Executives are outsourcing for the control it gives them over business outcomes, not simply as a cost-cutting measure, according to results of a survey from Accenture.
September 25, 2003

Accenture Announces Intent to Join AutoID, Inc. Extending Commitment to RFID and EPC Technologies

Accenture announced today that it will join AutoID Inc., a joint venture of the Uniform Code Council Inc. and EAN International. AutoID, Inc., a newly formed not-for-profit organization, will develop and oversee commercial and technical standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC)™ Network.
July 16, 2003

Auto-ID Technology Could Save Manufacturing and Retail Industries Billions Annually, Accenture Research Finds

New technology that tags and tracks inventory and equipment could save manufacturers and retailers billions of dollars each year, according to research released today by Accenture. The technology, known as auto-ID, is a combination of electronic product codes (EPC) and radio frequency identification (RFID).
June 12, 2003

La Rinascente and Accenture Form New Organization to Manage Gruppo Rinascente's Finance & Account Processing and Technology Services

La Rinascente and Accenture today announced that the two companies will provide finance, account processing and technology services to all divisions of Gruppo Rinascente through a company that will include the employees, operations and infrastructure of the retail group's existing service center operations.
June 11, 2003

Auto-ID Technology Could Help Packaged Goods, Retail and Freight Transportation Industries Save Billions of Dollars Annually, Accenture Study Finds

Accenture Survey: It Looks Like a "Fad-Less" Christmas

eBay, HP and Accenture Open First HP Store on Worlds’ Largest Online Marketplace

eBay, HP, and Accenture today announced the opening of the first HP Store on eBay, which is built on Accenture’s Connection to eBay service.
November 25, 2002

European Retailers have Untapped Opportunity to Improve Speed and Effectiveness of “Supply and Demand” Decisions, According to Accenture Research

Although the majority of European retailers collect information on customers’ purchasing preferences and behaviors, this information is not being used to make better, faster decisions on key supply and demand issues such as pricing, promotion, merchandising and inventory planning, according to new Accenture research.
October 09, 2002

eBay and Accenture Unveil New Service for Large Volume Sellers

eBay and Accenture introduced a new service designed to help retailers, manufacturers and distributors more efficiently and cost-effectively sell merchandise on eBay.
May 07, 2002