A Shift in Agenda: More Companies Outsource for Strategic Value Than to Cut Costs, According to Accenture Survey

Executives are outsourcing for the control it gives them over business outcomes, not simply as a cost-cutting measure, according to results of a survey from Accenture.
September 25, 2003

Physicians Seek More Detailed, Comparative and Customized Information from Pharmaceutical Reps, Accenture Research Finds

Primary care physicians say that customized content, clinical evidence and comparative analyses of medicines top their wish lists for visits from pharmaceutical representatives, according to an Accenture survey released today.
July 16, 2003

Home Healthcare Electronics Represents Significant Untapped Market Opportunity for Consumer Electronics Industry, According to Accenture Study

More than 80 percent of consumers say that using home healthcare electronic devices — which enable consumers to monitor, diagnose and treat illnesses in the home — would improve their overall health, according to a new Accenture study.
January 08, 2003

Traditional Pharmaceutical Model Not the Only Route to Future Success for Biotechs, According to Accenture Research

Research from Accenture has identified a new business model that could help biotechnology companies deal with an emerging paradox: while their core capability is innovation and their ability to grow is critical to their future, innovation and increasing size do not always go hand in hand.
October 15, 2002