Canada Wins the Gold in Moving Government Services Online, 2002 Annual Global Accenture Study Shows

National governments throughout the world significantly improved their online service delivery this past year, increasing the range and sophistication of eGovernment services for citizens and businesses alike, according to Accenture’s third annual global eGovernment study, “Realizing the Vision.”
April 24, 2002

Accenture Statement Responding to Information Distributed at Today's News Conference on Corporate Patriot Enforcement Act H.R. 3884

Accenture Bolsters Technology and Systems Implementation Capabilities in Japan

Accenture announced the expansion of its solutions delivery centre in Kachidoki, Japan, broadening its core offerings in technology and systems implementation.
April 22, 2002

Independent Commercial, R&D Functions Could Pioneer New Pharmaceutical Operating Model, Says Accenture Research

More autonomous Commercial and Research & Development organizations may be the cornerstone of an alternative operating model for pharmaceutical companies, according to new Accenture research.
April 18, 2002

Accenture Board Authorizes Trust, Share Repurchases

Chinese Executives Say Entrepreneurial Spirit is Key to Country’s Future, According to Accenture Study

Most senior executives in China believe that encouraging greater entrepreneurial behaviour among their employees is crucial to the country’s future prosperity and success, according to a new study by Accenture.
April 17, 2002

Consumers Stress Importance of Speed Over Settlement Amount in Insurance Claims Resolution, According to Accenture Survey

Ninety-four percent of U.S. consumers who have filed a property and casualty (P&C) claim cited quick resolution of an insurance claim as highly important to their satisfaction with the claims process, while only 74 percent of respondents stressed the importance of the settlement amount offered, according to a survey released by Accenture.
April 16, 2002

Accenture Rolls Out Upgrade to Web-Based Claims Software

Accenture announced the launch of release 2.0 of its Claim Components software. The Web-based solution, originally launched in North America last year, includes new functionality and is now also available to property/casualty insurers in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.
April 15, 2002