October 09, 2002

European Retailers have Untapped Opportunity to Improve Speed and Effectiveness of “Supply and Demand” Decisions, According to Accenture Research

Although the majority of European retailers collect information on customers’ purchasing preferences and behaviors, this information is not being used to make better, faster decisions on key supply and demand issues such as pricing, promotion, merchandising and inventory planning, according to new Accenture research.
October 08, 2002

Accenture Pan-European Survey Shows Companies Face Skill Shortages in Procurement

European companies are increasingly confronted with skills shortages in their procurement departments, according to an Accenture Pan-European survey of more than 120 procurement directors released today.
October 07, 2002

Colorado Contracts with Accenture to Help Transform Unemployment Insurance Delivery System

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has awarded Accenture a 3 1/2-year, $39 million contract to help reengineer the state’s unemployment insurance system.
September 30, 2002

Montgomery Research and Accenture Publish a Compilation of Leading Perspectives on Finance

Montgomery Research and Accenture have published a compilation of leading perspectives on finance designed to inform chief financial officers of the wide-ranging approaches that companies are exploiting to achieve operational excellence.
September 26, 2002

Accenture Survey of Business Travelers Predicts Near-Term Growth for Airline and Hotel Industries

Business travel will likely increase over the next six months, according to an Accenture survey of more than 300 business travelers at UK-based companies.
September 19, 2002

New Book Probes Why Some Individuals Become Leaders and Identifies the Forces that Shape Them

The findings of a comparative study of two very different age groups — one that grew up digital and one that came of age in the shadow of the Great Depression and World War II — were released in a compelling new book entitled Geeks & Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders.
September 19, 2002

The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Present Landmark Exhibition, "Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting," in Spring 2003

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that it will present Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting – the first major exhibition ever to examine the impact of 17th-century Spanish painting on later French artists – from March 4 to June 8, 2003. Accenture will sponsor the exhibition.