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Rick Ratliff

September 06, 2011
Connected Health Lead, Accenture Health
Rick Ratliff is Accenture’s Global Lead for Connected Health. He is responsible for leading offering development and growth strategies. In this role he manages customer and vendor relationships, business development, marketing, and overseas the performance of all network participants. Mr. Ratliff is a leader in the strategic use of information technology in various healthcare environments with a particular focus on the electronic exchange of health information between a patient’s care providers. Prior to joining Accenture, Mr. Ratliff served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Surescripts after the merger with RX. Mr. Ratliff is visible and active in industry leadership roles, participating in multiple industry work groups such as the Markle Foundation Connecting for Health and the CMS National Health Information Network (NHIN) that are forming the overall architecture the nation‘s health information network. He is also currently a Commissioner for the Commission for Certification of Health Information Technology (CCHIT). Ratliff holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from University of Tulsa
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