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Mark Knickrehm

January 07, 2010
Senior Managing Director, Accenture Health & Public Service, Growth & Strategy
Global Managing Director, Accenture Health
Mark Knickrehm is the senior managing director of growth & strategy for Accenture Health & Public Service (H&PS)  and the global managing director for Accenture Health. Mr. Knickrehm is responsible for developing and driving a growth strategy that differentiates Accenture's offerings for governments, public and private health systems and organizations across the globe. 

Mr. Knickrehm also oversees Accenture's global healthcare business. The role includes setting the vision and strategy for Accenture’s health business globally, determining the organic and inorganic investments to support development of key offerings and assets, deploying resources to optimize growth and client impact, and the overall responsibility for sales and revenue growth of Accenture’s health business.
Mr. Knickrehm has significant health industry experience guiding large provider organizations in clinical change programs. He has worked extensively in hospitals to simultaneously improve care delivery and operational efficiency and has also worked with medical groups to better use patient information to improve care delivery.
Prior to joining Accenture, Mr. Knickrehm was a partner at McKinsey and Company where he focused on helping hospitals and physician organizations develop market-focused strategies and in supporting those strategies with technology. 
He has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. He is based in Los Angeles, California.
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